Headmaster's Welcome

Welcome to St Nicholas House School. We are a small, independent co-educational day school and nursery welcoming boys and girls from 2 - 11 years of age.

Each child is an individual - they vary in academic ability, learn at different rates, find some subjects harder than others and mature at different times. My colleagues in the state sector have an increasingly difficult job - government legislation is constantly changing and in a class of 30 or more it is incredibly hard to provide individual attention. It is not unusual for the brighter children to feel under stimulated, the middle band to be left to ‘tick over’ and for those who find education more challenging to be left behind.

At St Nicks, children clearly benefit from being members of a small community and the family feel of the school is evident. Our small class sizes allow for more individual attention from staff who value and understand every child and can spend quality time with them to enhance their learning and confidence.

We do not have a stately home or acres of land to maintain and our fee structure reflects this - we are approximately half the cost of many of the other prep schools in the area. It is what happens inside the school buildings that is important to us and not how big they are - small is most definitely beautiful. The intimate atmosphere is a particular strength of the school and enables us to build warm relationships with the children and their parents. We build strong links with parents and encourage interaction.

We are committed to being leaders in education in these changing times by providing an environment in which our children are challenged to excel, encouraged to explore and inspired to grow their potential.

Please do visit the school to see our children at work and play and to experience the atmosphere that makes St Nicholas House so special.

Philip Oldroyd BA, PGCE