Pre-Prep (5-7yrs)

Our Pre-Prep children continue to build on the foundations laid down by Reception and further develop all the basic skills with motivated teachers in small groups.

The core subjects continue to be taught in small classes by the form teacher to ensure that all pupils are able to read, write and express themselves fluently and have a solid basis in numeracy. There is specialist teaching of Music, French, Computing and PE and peripatetic specialists teach a wide variety of musical instruments, Speech and Drama and dance.

Sport is an important part of the weekly curriculum and there are house competitions during the year and an annual sports day. School fixtures take place to give the children the experience of competitive sport and pupils in Years 1-6 swim once a week at the Victory Pool in North Walsham where the swimming year ends with a House Gala in the summer term.

Trips out offer the opportunity to extend the work studied in the classroom and give pupils the chance to understand and learn how to participate in the wider community.

At the end of Year 2, our children are confident and well prepared for the challenges they will meet in the Prep classes.